The Puget Trough
The Puget trough region includes the sound itself, a great inland arm of the sea, and the forested foothills that flank the sound. Most of the population of Washington State lives in this region. Cities on the eastern and southern shores begin with Bellingham in the north, Everett, Seattle, Tacoma and the state capital, Olympia. The western shore is dominated by Olympic National Park and the few towns are much smaller, with Port Townsend in the north being the largest. While this population threatens the sound's ecosystem the region is still rich with birdlife. The sound itself is important for migrating and overwintering waterbirds and shorebirds. Large numbers of raptors overwinter in the Skagit and Samish river deltas. More from Birdweb.

Birding Trails

The eastern portions of these maps include the Puget trough region:

Birding Sites

  1. Blaine/Semiamhoo/Drayton Harbor
  2. San Juan Islands
  3. Samish Flats
  4. Port Susan Bay
  5. Crockett Lake
  6. Sequim/Dungeness
  7. Marrowstone Island/Oak Bay
  8. Point No Point
  9. Snoqualmie River Valley
  10. Marymoor Park
  11. Seattle - Discovery Park
  12. Seattle Green Lake
  13. Seattle - Union Bay Natural Area (Montlake Fill
  14. Kent Ponds
  15. Quartermaster Harbor
  16. Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge
  17. Mima Mounds
  18. Scatter Creek Wildlife Area
  19. Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge
  20. Steigerwald Lake National Wildlife Refuge

More Sites

The following Audubon Chapters offer birding hot spot information: