East Cascades
Pacific storms dump most of their moisture on the west slope of the Cascades. As a result the east slope gets much less precipitation resulting in more open forests. Mixed conifers grow at higher elevations with Ponderosa Pine predominating at mid-elevations. At the base of the mountains trees give way to shrub- and grasslands. This varied habitat hosts a variety of bird species not found on the western slope. More from Birdweb.

Birding Sites

  1. Rainy Pass
  2. Washington Pass
  3. Wenatchee Confluence State Park
  4. Naneum Ridge
  5. Colockum Road
  6. Cle Ellum - Railroad Ponds
  7. Wenas Campground
  8. Naches Peak Loop
  9. Fort Simcoe State Park
  10. Trout Lake
  11. Conboy Lake
  12. Brooks Memorial State Park

Kittitas Audubon (Ellensburg) has more information about birding Kittitas County. Most of the locations listed are in this region with some on the Columbia Plateau.



  • Highway 20 (north): See the North Cascades region for lodging information.
  • Route 2 (north central): The town of Leavenworth is pleasant if a little kitschy. Further east on Route 2 is the small city of Wenatchee.
  • I-90 (central): Cle Ellum has a choice of accommodations. The college town of Ellensburg, further east, also has options - check the major travel websites.
  • The small city of Yakima lies on Rt. 12.

Western Klickitat County, in the very southern part of this region, has a couple of good options: