Birding Websites

Washington Ornithological Society was chartered in 1988 to increase knowledge of the birds of Washington and to enhance communication among all persons interested in those birds. The website has much birding information including checklists, site guides and searchable newsletter archives.

Washington Birder publishes excellent information about county-by-county birding including checklists for each county.

The Slater Museum publishes an excellent annotated checklist . This list gives thumbnail sketches of how common each bird is and the habitat preferences for each. archives field notes much as eBird does. By selecting the Washington region you can see information from just this state. The site has an extensive list of site guides. The guides tend to be brief but the list is long.

Seattle Audubon Birdweb provides in-depth information about the birds of the state and where to find them. This includes in which habitats, in which regions, in which months and with what frequency each species is found. It also provides information about behavior, nesting, diet and migration and conservation status.

Audubon Chapters A list of websites for the Audubon chapters of Washington.

Klickitat County has no Audubon chapter but this website has information about birding in the county.

List Servs (Mailing Lists) and groups